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Investment Management

Evergreen Investment ManagementEvergreen Financial Advisors: Where science, practice and people unite. As poet Ralph Waldo Emerson has observed, "Money often costs too much." Misunderstood markets can wreak havoc on your plans. Burdensome fees and inefficient trading eats away at available returns. Emotional indecision sends you off-course.

Investment management should help you realize rather than cost you your dreams. By tending to three critical components of investment management, Evergreen helps you stay on course in the face of life's countless uncertainties.

  • The science of investing: For managing your money, we'll show you how to replace guesswork and emotion with evidence and reason, grounded in decades of academic inquiry on how the markets are expected to deliver wealth to patient, long-term investors.
  • The practice of investing: For constructing your managed portfolio, we turn to fund managers such as Dimensional Fund Advisors, to efficiently and effectively implement our shared investment strategy. 
  • The personal side of investing: For managing your decision-making, your individual circumstances should drive your investment selections. By letting your personal goals be your guide, you not only stand a better chance of achieving them, you are better equipped to avoid reacting inappropriately with hyperactive trading in the face of market factors that are beyond our control.

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